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CrimeCityCentral - crime & mystery podcast

CrimeCityCentral Podcasts listed by Episode

Podcast #1 (first podcast July 16th 2012):
Keller The Dog Killer by Lawrence Block
narrator Ray Sizemore

Podcast #2 (first podcast July 23rd 2012):
Something Rather Fishy by Marilyn Todd
narrator Sam J Moffatt

Podcast #3 (first podcast July 30th 2012):
A Simple Kindness by Chris F. Holm
narrator Fred Himebaugh

Podcast #4 (first podcast August 6th 2012):
Eleven Eleven by Cheryl Wood Ruggiero
narrator Antoinette Bergin

Podcast #5 (first podcast August 13th 2012):
Scales Justice by Ann Littlewood
narrator Kristi Petersen Schoonover

Podcast #6 (first podcast July 20th 2012):
The Kindness of Strangers by Ray Banks
narrator Richie Smith

Podcast #7 (first podcast August 27th 2012):
How to Build Your Own Coffin by Scott Nicholson
narrator Maury Kestenbaum

Podcast #8 (first podcast September 3rd 2012):
Shooter by John R. Corrigan
narrator Nathan Lowell

Podcast #9 (first podcast September 10th 2012):
Dave Stevens, I Presume? by Dave Zeltserman
narrator Wilson Fowlie

Podcast #10 (first podcast September 17th 2012):
Hungry Eyes by Sheila Quigley
narrator Rob Haines

Podcast #11 (first podcast September 24th 2012):
In God's Own Time by Sandra Seamans
narrator Veronica Giguerre

Podcast #12 (first podcast October 1st 2012):
Fred Menace, Commie for Hire by Steve Hockensmith
narrator Mike Boris

Podcast #13 (first podcast October 8st 2012):
Mirror, Mirror by Beverle Graves Myers
narrator Brand Gamblin

Podcast #14 (first podcast October 15st 2012):
Redemption Cove by Brendan DuBois
narrator Jonathan Danz

Podcast #15 (first podcast October 22nd 2012):
Texas in the Fall by R J Ellory
narrator Mike Boris

Podcast #16 (first podcast October 29st 2012):
Work in Progress by Scott Nicholson
narrator Z N Linton

Podcast #17 (first podcast November 5st 2012):
Dead Drunk by Lia Matera
narrator Cher Eaves

Podcast #18 (first podcast November 12st 2012):
Procedure by Adrian Magson
narrator Nicholas Camm

Podcast #19 (first podcast November 19th 2012):
Out On Joppa by Robert Ward
narrator David Cummings

Podcast #20 (first podcast November 26th 2012):
Lessons by Laura van den Berg
narrator Donna Schmidt

Podcast #21 (first podcast December 3rd 2012):
The Naked Thread by Monica Ferris
narrator Veronica Giguerre

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