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CCC #15: R J Ellory

R J Ellory

"Texas in the Fall"

RJ Ellory is the author of eleven novels, the most recent entitled A Dark and Broken Heart. Candlemoth, his first-published, was shortlisted for the CWA Steel Dagger, as was his fourth, City of Lies, in 2006. His fifth novel, A Quiet Belief In Angels was a Richard & Judy Book Club selection in 2007, and went on to win the Livre De Poche Award, The Strand Magazine Novel of The Year, The Mystery Booksellers of America Award, and the Inaugural Nouvel Observateur Prize.

A Quiet Vendetta won the Quebec Laureat and the Villeneuve Readers' Prize. A Simple Act of Violence, Ellory's sixth novel, won the UK Crime Novel of the Year 2010. He has been nominated for a further seven international awards including two Barrys, the 813 Trophy, and the Europeen Du Point. He has also written the screenplay of A Quiet Belief In Angels for Oscar-winning director, Olivier Dahan.

His books are now available in twenty-four languages. He is the director of R J Ellory Publications Ltd., and is Vice Chairman of the UK Crime Writers' Association. He was born in Birmingham, U.K., and continues to make this his home. He is published in the USA by Overlook Press, and they have released 'A Quiet Belief In Angels' (2009), 'The Anniversary Man' (2010), 'A Simple Act of Violence' (June 2011), and will be releasing 'A Quiet Vendetta' in January of 2012. All of Ellory's works will be released by Overlook Press in the foreseeable future. He is also the singer and guitar player of the band, 'The Whiskey Poets'.

R J Ellory's website

Narrated by Mike Boris.

CrimeCityCentral #15 podcast October 22nd 2012 - 31 minutes

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