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CCC #28: Marty Meyers

Marty Meyers

"The Joy of a Fine Martini"

Martin Meyers, actor and writer, is the author of five detective novels originally published by Popular Library, now back in print from iUniverse, all featuring private detective Patrick Hardy. Meyers novelized the Cher movie, Suspect, for Bantam and wrote for Scholastic Publications.

The Dutchman, published by Doubleday, is the first of 7 novels in a series of history mysteries set in New York in the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries, written in collaboration with his wife Annette Meyers, and using the pseudonym Maan Meyers.

Maan Meyers’ short stories, “The High Constable and the Visiting Author” and “The High Constable and the Rochester Rappers” have appeared in the anthologies Crime Through Time and Crime Through Time II. Agatha nominated “The Peculiar Events on Riverside Drive,” appeared in the Signet anthology Mystery Street “The Dutchman And The Wrongful Heir” appeared in The Mammoth Book Of New Historical Whodunits. In The Mammoth Book of Jacobean Whodunnits: “The Dutchman and the Madagascar Pirates.” In The Mammoth Book of Historical Crime Fiction: “Forty Morgan Silver Dollars.” In Manhattan Noir: “The Organ Grinder. In Flesh and Blood 3: “The Daffodil.”

“Blonde Noire,” a short story by Annette Meyers and Martin Meyers was published in the anthology, Marilyn: Shades of Blonde. In the anthology Flesh and Blood 3: “The Daffodil.”

Short stories by Martin Meyers: “The Girl, the Body, and the Kitchen Sink,” in the anthology The Private Eyes. “Pick Up” in the anthology Flesh and Blood 2. “Snake Rag,” in the anthology Murder….and All That Jazz is the prequel and inspiration for “Snake Rag,” the novel, featuring jazz pianist and private eye Vito Monte. In Argosy Magazine: “Mr. Quincy’s Different Drummer.” In the anthology Manhattan Noir: “What Do They Have to Hit?” In Crime Square: “Nothing is Even What it Seems.” In Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine: “Nate Devlin’s Money.”

In February, 2001, Meyers and his wife Annette were the subjects of an interview about their life and work on a segment for CBS Sunday Morning.

Marty Meyers's website

Narrated by Josie Babin.

CrimeCityCentral #28 podcast January 21st 2013 - 54 minutes

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